Rilla Irene Stipe was born November 20, 1921 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. In 1942, she crossed the border   illegally into New York State with a man named Michael Kavanaugh who was a trucker and made her way to New York City. Once there she used the aliases Ilene M. Seivers or Eileen Stewart and she lived in an area called Hell's Kitchen and her last known address was 343 W42nd Street in 1957.

She married Wilbur John Seivers and in 1946 gave birth to a son, followed by a daughter in 1949. Those  children were raised by their paternal grandmother.

Between 1953 and 1955, she gave birth to twin boys she called Donny and Ronny. They had light red hair and brown eyes. She kept the twins for several months before surrendering them for adoption.

In 1956, she gave birth to a girl who was born with light red hair and brown eyes. She kept her several weeks before she surrendering her for adoption.

In 1957, she gave birth to another child born "Female Seivers" with light red hair and brown eyes in Brooklyn, NY. This child was surrendered at four days old in a previously arranged private adoption.

Rilla aka Ilene M. Seivers was deported back to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in August of 1957 by US Immigration. She was several months pregnant and on March 25, 1958, she gave birth to a son she named Leonard Roy Seivers. His hair was Auburn and he had brown eyes. He was surrendered for adoption through Children's Aid Society in Hamilton, Ontario, and adopted July 16, 1958. 

In 1989, Rilla died refusing to say anything about our siblings that she surrendered for adoption. We continue to search for them.   

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